Former bath-house of Emilija Racene in Jurmala

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When thinking about bathhouses the first thing that arrives in my head is the sulphur bathhouses located in Tbilisi, should they be located in the Abanotubani district or the old and neglected Kiev's bath

Turns out there is not less interesting bath-house (though former) in Latvian Jūrmala - Former bath-house of Emilija Racene

Again, when thinking about something former - I always remember the lovely former hotel London building in Tbilisi

Now, back to the subject, according to

The building was constructed in the beginning of the 20th century and saw its expansion in 1914, for he first time ever in this part of Jurmala offering various – warm sea water, carbonic acid, oxygen and pine-tree extract baths daily in summer, and winter time. Two-storeyd wooden building is characterized by a high plinth on the beach side and wooden carvings that creates an urban accent in the buildings and constructions on the beach side. During the Soviet times the building hosted resort clinics that was one of the most well-arranged treatment establishments in Jurmala. 

Former Swimming Establishment of Emilija Racene

Former Swimming Establishment of Emilija Racene


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