Funicular Restaurant Complex

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High above Tbilisi you will find the most stylish centre for food and drink in the city: the Funicular Restaurant Complex.

Without doubt, the Funicular Complex is one of the most important places in Tbilisi, with its significant long history dating back to 1905. I have been visiting this place on rare occasions, during trip to Mtatsminda mountain. 

My first visit here, probably was back in 2014, during Latvia - Georgia business forum. Nowadays, Funicular Restaurant complex has become one of the most popular Tbilisi restaurants among city guests.

Panoramic views toward Tbilisi

Panoramic views toward Tbilisi

The Funicular Complex includes 4 separates dining facilities: Chela (traditional Georgian), Puri Guliani (bakery), and the signature Restaurant Funicular and its Ball room. Ball room is perhaps the ultimate venue for a conference, wedding reception or party, with the facilities and service to match. 


Goodies at Puri Guliani

With a brand new Funicular train going from Chonkadze Street, one can take a magnificent trip to the Funicular Complex and enjoy dinner with stunning panoramic views over Tbilisi.

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