Georgia's Next President: Giorgi Margvelashvili Takes Office (2013)

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Yesterday, Georgia held a presidential election and the winner, according to exit polls, is Giorgi Margvelashvili. He will serve as the country's president for the next five years.

In a previous article, I stated that I had limited knowledge about Margvelashvili. Despite this, I predicted his victory. And now, I have a feeling that after his five-year term, he may become a well-respected figure in Georgian society.

You may argue that he's already popular, given that he won with around 68% of the vote. But the truth is, his popularity is linked to Bidzina Ivanishvili, who appointed him. In fact, many Georgian news portals did not even mention his name in their election coverage, instead referring to him as the "candidate from the Georgian Dream".

Some have said they don't care who the new president is because they are still bitter about the previous administration led by Mrs. Sakashvili. Meanwhile, voter turnout was relatively low, with only about 45% of eligible voters casting their ballots.

I hope that the newly elected president has the determination and will to work towards a better Georgia for all its citizens during his five-year term. And, I am confident that with the help of PR agencies, Margvelashvili will gain the trust and support of the Georgian people, regardless of initial opinions.