Google Introduces Machine Learning AdSense Auto Ads

Updated: 23 February, 2018 seen 281

Yesterday I received a promotional e-mail from Google AdSense, introducing the new Auto Ads.

As a long-term Google AdSense user (How I Made $2,135.03 with Google AdSense in 8 years), I decided to give it a test for my Drupal-powered blog, despite I was amazed at what I saw, I still removed Google AdSense Auto ads shortly.

Let me explain - Google Adsense ads have been featured on this blog for about 4 years, during the past 4 years the blog has grown into a complex multi-topic website/portal. Despite I'm serving Google AdSense ads on most of the content pages, there are sensitive categories and pages I'm not using Google AdSense to monetize the content. With enabling Google AdSense auto ads, this exception is not honored and I saw Google AdSense auto ads served even on About page. Sure I believe I could custom code to remove auto ads from specific categories and pages (How To Hide Drupal Block For Nodes In Specific Taxonomy - Example With Google Adsense) , but right now the solution of the box just didn't work for me. Probably after some custom coding and longer testing I could implement Google AdSense auto ads on the blog.

Finding the time to create great content for your users is an essential part of growing your publishing business. Today we are introducing AdSense Auto ads, a powerful new way to place ads on your site. Auto ads use machine learning to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf, saving you time. Place one piece of code just once to all of your pages, and let Google take care of the rest.

Some of the benefits of Auto ads include:

  • Optimization: Using machine learning, Auto ads show ads only when they are likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.
  • Revenue opportunities: Auto ads will identify any available ad space and place new ads there, potentially increasing your revenue.
  • Easy to use: With Auto ads you only need to place the ad code on your pages once. When you’re ready to use new features and ad formats, simply turn them on and off with the flick of a switch -- there’s no need to change the code again.

Getting started with AdSense Auto ads
Auto ads can work equally well on new sites and on those already showing ads.
Have you manually placed ads on your page? There’s no need to remove them if you don’t want to. Auto ads will take into account all existing Google ads on your pages.

Already using Anchor or Vignette ads? Auto ads include Anchor and Vignette ads and many more additional formats such as Text and display, In-feed, and Matched content. Note that all users that used Page-level ads are automatically migrated over to Auto ads without any need to add code to their pages again.

To get started with AdSense Auto ads:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • In the left navigation panel, visit My ads and select Get Started.
  • On the "Choose your global settings" page, select the ad formats that you'd like to show and click Save.
  • On the next page, click Copy code.
  • Paste the ad code between the < head > and </ head > tags of each page where you want to show Auto ads.
  • Auto ads will start to appear on your pages in about 10-20 minutes.
The Bottom Line

How about you? What do you think of this new Google AdSense auto ads? Leave a comment, readers and i would love to hear!