Google Spreadsheet To Track BTC/Altcoin Trading on Monthly Basis

Investments in crypto-currencies are among one of the most interesting findings for me this year. I decided to give them a try just a few months ago, see: First Investment In Crypto Currencies - Bought 0.2 ETH for EUR 50

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Soon I decided to use dollar cost averaging to acquire four different crypto-currencies once a month, no matter the price. I've been investing in cryptos for about 3 months now, and one I can tell you for sure, investments here are like a roller coaster, my crypto portfolio has lost in some periods more than -50%, and in some periods it has grown in value by +50%. Right now (as of writing this, it says +7% growth.). Dollar cost averaging helps a lot. 

For tracking long-term investments in crypto I've developed a simple crypto-currency tracking Google Spreadsheet, you can read more about it and get a free download here: How To Track Your CryptoCurrencies Portfolio Automatically Using Google Spreadsheets

Now, it was about a month ago, I decided to try day-trading / swing-trading altcoins for a profit. See: Starting To Learn Crypto Currency Day Trading With EUR 25

Google Spreadsheet for BTC/Altcoin portfolio

Honestly, speaking I'm not very good at day-trading, but what I have found swing-trading works much better for me. When trading bitcoin versus altcoins it might be a little bit complicated to track your portfolio changes as here we are not using fiat currency anymore. It's just BTC against other altcoins.

To make it easier to track changes in altcoin portfolio, I created a new Google Spreadsheet, which I'm sharing with you guys. The spreadsheet does basically following - tracks percentage change both in fiat and BTC values on a monthly basis. Most values should be entered here manually (once in a month).

It might be tricky at the start to set up your custom Spreadsheet,  but once you are familiar with basic stuff it shouldn't be so tricky after all, for each new month just drag and drop values from the previous month and make some adjustments.

Google Spreadsheet for tracking altoin portfolio on a monthly basis

Google Spreadsheet for tracking altoin portfolio on a monthly basis

Few things to explain here - to get the bitcoin exchange rates to USD and EUR  I'm using GoogleFinance and IMPORTXML functions, detailed description on how to use them see in this article: How To Track Your CryptoCurrencies Portfolio Automatically Using Google Spreadsheets

At the start of each month, I invest (convert) additional EUR 25 (Column B), to purchase BTC from, send to exchange and start swing-trading. I write down how much btc I have bought in a separate sheet (just for tracking purposes). I column C - enter total BTC amount.

  • Column D (BTC/EUR exchange rate) manually enter a value from C2. If you prefer USD currency just change EUR field to USD and enter BTC/USD exchange rates from B2.
  • Column E - manually enter a value of how much bitcoin you have invested in total.
  • Column F - value of how much in total invested EUR (take value from previous month + newly added money)
  • Columns G/H - Manually enter value at the end of month in BTC and EUR
  • Columns I/J - Total Growth from the start BTC/EUR
  • Columns K/L - Month to date Growth BTC/EUR
  • Columns M/N - Month to date profit BTC/EUR
  • Columns O/P - Currently invested BTC value in altcoins
  • Columns Q/R - Month to date growth (Total invested at the end of months minus value at the start of month)

Download a free working copy here (open -> save as copy).

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