How To Count Duplicates in Google Spreadsheets (COUNTIF)

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I've been using Google Spreadsheets literally for everything that can be counted or measured (dividend income, stock trades, body weight and so on). 

And so did when I decided to build an option trading journal I built it using Google Spreadsheets.

Everything good here, except I decided to count how many trades there have been, how many are open, how many are closed, how many are winning, how many are losing and based on that make a simple calculation to figure out what is my winning rate

Here is the final result:

Win ratio calculation using Google Spreadsheets

Win ratio calculation using Google Spreadsheets


COUNTIF is a relatively basic Google Sheets function that counts cells that include numbers or text based on a specified condition. The syntax is simple; you only need to provide a cell range and criterion for which cells to count. You can enter the COUNTIF function in the fx bar with the syntax: `=COUNTIF(range, criterion)`. Source: How To Count Duplicates in Google Sheets

Spreadsheet setup

  • Column L - Trade status (open/closed)
  • Column M - Winner / Loser

Now to make count for open trade status:

=COUNTIF(L:L, "open")


=COUNTIF(L:L, "closed")

winning trades:

=COUNTIF(M:M, "winner")

losing trades:

=COUNTIF(M:M, "loser")

Works like a charm.