Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You in Gori

Updated: 27 January, 2022 seen 310

Now besides hostel in Tbilisi, Latvians have a cafe in Gori

Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You is located on Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue 34, Gori. 

Opened for the public in 2018, this place serves pastry, cakes and a huge menu of a different kind of meals (both Latvian and Georgian style), you can get here both some salty Gori style cutlets and even Kiev's cutlet, not to speak about salad olive and more. 

Overall feeling  - The Soviet Obshchepit (общепит) - sometimes I just can't resist it. lol

Cafe 4You in Gori

Cafe 4You in Gori

Pastry at Cafe 4You

Pastry at Cafe 4You

Now, they had a very good cheesecake, a decent chocolate cake. Oreo cheesecake was a joke. The best oreo cheesecake I've found so far is at Tbilisi Hard Rock Cafe

Riga black balsam

Riga black balsam

Now, there is one more place in Georgia to find Riga Black Balsam

Kiev's cutlet with a balsamico sauce

Kiev's cutlet with a balsamic sauce

This place serves wine from a small nearby winery Chateau Ateni.

The Bottom Line

Overall great place. Budget prices  - cannot compare with those at fancy Tbilisi restaurants. We paid here about 56 lari for many cakes, cutlets, salads and a good coffee.