Daytrip to Gori (and not because of the Stalin's museum)

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At the end of January 2022, after just returning from Sri Lanka we decided to take an easy weekend trip to Gori in Georgia.

I have a good friend David living in Gori. After a quick WhatsApp chat, we agreed to have some nice dinner at Villa Park Gori restaurant with a home wine, also David recommended staying at the fancy Georgia Gold hotel.

Day trip to Gori and nearby vicinity

On a Friday evening, we took our daughter from the school and straight went to Gori, there we checked in at Royal House hotel, ordered a taxi from Bolt picked up my friend and went to the Villa Park Gori restaurant where we enjoyed some of the tastiest foods, live music and a lot of homemade wine from David's Marani.

Back to the hotel for some leep, the next morning I took a drone and made some nice aerial photography with Gori Fortress. After checking out from Royal House hotel we headed to the fancy Georgia Gold hotel for a very delicious breakfast.

From here we took a route to Gori Jvari, back to Gori with a quick stop at Gori Railway station, and back to Tbilisi.

As you can see, we skipped Stalin's Museum in Gori this time