Lawn Mowing with a Trimmer

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Right, this post is like and extended version for my previous post in home remodeling series on lawn mowing with a scythe. After a tough fight with grass using old school tools like scythe it was enough for me. And I mean it - no more scythe for me.

Having a house in rural Latvia teaches a very important lesson, you have to own a trimmer, or it will be a very costly for you to fight the grass. Since some serious trimmers cost a lot and we hadn't actually planed to spend a money on it, we found an owner who could rent us out his trimmer for a six pack of beer.

Author of this blog fighting grass with a trimmer

Author of this blog captured in action fighting grass with a trimmer

Gosh, what an experience - during my first trimmering  I learnt I know nothing about trimmering grass - first of all - I was very afraid of this machine, second I had no idea how it is actually working - well I learnt that latter (I have a whole grass fighting story during our first year of home remodeling

Our fish pond completely overgrown in grass

Our fish pond completely overgrown in grass

I actually did something wrong with this trimmer, so I had to buy new details for it. So my first experience of lawn mowing with trimmer cost me some extra $40. And I actually didn't trimmered a thing. But I was on the right track - now I knew - trimmer is a must have tool.

So now being back in Tbilisi, I decided that a trimmer is a must have purchase for the next Summer. I actually decided to setup an improvised whiteboard holder using a metal stairs and write on it - Home Remodeling: Trimmer, since recently I launched another personal project - 365 photo project - I thought hey - I gone submit such photo as my day 5/365 - after experimenting with a photography for some hour or something - here is what I got:

Improvised whiteboard holder

Improvised whiteboard holder

Unfortunately this photo didn't end on my 365 day photo chalenge project page, this one did

Now, back on the trimmers - there is a great article How to Use a String Trimmer Like a Pro covering few simple secrets on becoming a trimmer pro.

Now, back to the home remodeling and challenges - I believe it's one of the fun ways how to run like any project - you have your goals, like to finish your home remodeling or finish your photo project, so there is that stage when you make a decision to act, and then there is the middle game, and only then there is a finish. I cant see a finish for home remodeling tasks like in next 5 years, I can still see finish for my photo challenge - and I already can see - I will publish pictures from home remodeling tasks on it.

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