Le Montrachet Tbilisi Restaurant Review

Le Montrachet Tbilisi restaurant says it is a Neo-Bistro by a New York Chef. Progressive farm driven cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.. Located in the historic Jewish quarter in Tbilisi Old Town (Betlemi street 23) this place offers combo menus and exclusive Georgian Wine. Eclectic, but fun. Definitely not the cheapest place in town. Awesome Combos on the other hand!

We visited this place in mid October (2016) in company of six, to get a table here I had to call and reserve it few days prior. (Never have done this in Georgia before). We reserved a table for 6 persons for Friday night. 

In fact I did find it a bit problematic to locate this place, as it is located in very remote street (thus very scenic). The places misses American style HUGE signboard. 

Once entered, I met few people I usually meet once in a year at Tbilisi Charity Fair (Folks from different Diplomatic Missions) - I exchanged  hand shakes with few and headed to the table, were our friends already waited us.

Three Course menu

Three Course menu

Le Montrachet is one of the few places in Georgia, which offers a menu meals (the other one, as far I can remember is Chops by the River in Tskneti). Basically it says three courses for price of GEL 48 (Rumor has it menu items are changing daily). 

Rkatsiteli Wine

Rkatsiteli Wine

While we tried to figure out which combo each of us will take, the waiter kindly poured wine  - I'm not an expert on Georgian Wines, but I heard of this wine for the first time (my favorite is semi-sweet Kvanchkhara wine) 

From Wine Enthusiast

Intensely smoky and earthy on the nose and palate, this Georgian qvevri-aged wine is a showcase of minerality and textural complexity. It’s a savory wine with bristling tannins, and it bears just a hint of citrus that keeps the palate fresh and bright.

Food Pairing

  • Firewood Grilled Pork
  • Roasted Chicken and Herbs

Grilled steak

Grilled steak

Delicious, mild, medium done

Tuscan apple pie

Tuscan apple cake

Chef Francesco

Chef Francesco

After the meal chef Francesco visits each table and just say Hi! Cool.

Chef, Francesco from New York is 3-Michelin-star trained. He honed his skills at numerous world class NYC establishments such as Per se, Alain Ducasse, Gilt as well as the French Laundry in Napa California. Francesco has a voracious appetite for world travels, having traveled over 50 countries and tasting many different types of local cuisines ranging from exotic to ultra classics. His most recent work was opening The Kitchen at Rooms Hotel as its Executive Chef. Francesco left Georgia last September (2015) but fell in love with the natural beauty of Georgia and its amazing wild ingredients so he decided to return and open his own restaurant.

The Bottom Line

This definitely is not the cheapest place in the city (as we paid about 400 lari for 6 combo courses (6 people)) and additionally poured Rkatskiteli wine. I got the feeling that to this place goes mainly bored foreigners and hipster locals (Or vice verse) On the other hand I indeed enjoyed the food and probably I will return to this place again.

N.B. You can take your wine to this place, but you will be asked to pay 35 lari bottle money for opening and drinking your wine on site.