Listing Vilgāle apartment for sale

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After some thinking, I decided to list for sale our Vilgāle apartment. 

I bought this apartment about two years ago in an online auction, paying about EUR 4,000. During the past two years, we have done some serious renovation with a total investment being closer to EUR 18,000. 

Today I bought my first flat on an online auction site

I decided to list it for EUR 25,000 on local website, here is the advert:

Apartment for sale in Vilgale

The owner is selling a renovated apartment in Vilgale - double glazed windows, Estrich warm floor tile/laminate covering. Installed pellet central heating, unfinished bathroom / sauna construction. Water on meters. Registered in the land register.

Low payments - managed by "Kuldīgas communal services", management fee around 26 EUR/month. Good neighbors.

Good location, close to school, grocery store, bus stop. 5 min walk to Vilgale lake.

Distance to Kuldīga 16km, Aizpute 28km, Riga 164km

After first 24 hours there haven't yet been any call for this property, which means the listing price might be to high, or just simply there are not enough interest / money. I guess it will take some 1-2 years before I will actually sell this place, and fine with that. Mean time I will use it as a storage and maybe will finish the bathroom.

If I wont be able to sell it by the end of August 2022 for 25,000 or get any interesting offer - I will re-lsit it for EUR 26,000 with better futures for the Winter season.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested