Living in Georgia already 3 years

Updated: 18 September, 2016 seen 1,108

Today it has been already three years, since I have been living in Georgia. My first arrival to Tbilisi was at night from April 1st to April 2nd. 

I knew little, not to say, nothing about Georgia, before then. I knew that Georgia once was part of the USSR, I have heard something about war in 2008. I feel much more educated about Georgia now!

The reason I decided to come to Georgia, was an article on Forbes, covering Georgia, and saying that Georgia is fast reformer and it has one of best business environments in the World. (Yes, I was a bit naive back then)

The driven force was economic changes in Georgia. So I decided to see them, and so I have been living here for already 3 years. Nice, right?

I have been living in Tbilisi, with 6 month period living at the Black sea resort town of Batumi (2012).

What can I tell about Georgia 3 years latter?

My feeling are ambivalent, there are so many things I like, and there are few things which I would like to be different.

In overall Georgia is small nation with small nation complex and prides. Georgians are warm welcoming, but they are always wondering why I have choosed Georgia, why not some Germany, Spain or Greece. It seems Georgians somehow doesn't believe in their country. It might be related to the harsh history of Georgia.

I don't want tell anything negative about Georgia. I will tell only positive.

  • Georgia is very attractive and nature rich country. 
  • People are friendly, and somehow naive.
  • Food is amazing.
  • Prices are cheap.
  • As a foreigner it's much easier to do business with Georgians if you speak Russian
  • English language skills are pretty high in Government department and large companies
  • I have never been any serious issues without not knowing Georgian language
My most loved attractions, I guess are Turtle lake in Tbilisi, Batumi city, Gudauri, Bakuriani.
Will see what next year will bring me on :)