Living in Georgia

I have been living in the Republic of Georgia, an amazing country, located in the Southern Caucasus, since April 2011. In this section, you will find articles, illustrated with rich photo and drone footage materials + insider stories, from my experience during my stay here. 

Hiking at Birtvisi Canjon

3 September, 2021 seen 51
Easy Sunday hiking trip at Birtvisi Canyon + almost reached Samshvilde canyon. Quite awesome and easily doable from Tbilisi. Highly recommended! Thumbs up and enjoy the video

Lagodekhi and Kakheti trip

27 August, 2021 seen 57
Lagodekhi & Kakheti Trip - our first real camping trip with a tent at Lagodekhi national park in Georgia. Enjoying a wide variety of grapes at Ampelo resort and picking up hazelnut with a retired colonel at Chateau Bruale in Kakheti.…

Batumi From a Drone Flight 2020

20 August, 2021 seen 80
Beautiful Batumi from a bird's flight. DJI Mini Mavic 2.7K drone footage August 5th, 2020 Lovingly post-processed in Tbilisi just now Music by Scott Holmes, Driven to Success While shooting this footage almost crashed my little drone to…

Best stock options trading platform in Georgia (and most of the rest of the World)

16 August, 2021 seen 128
I've been trading stocks for about 20 years, I still remember the days around the millennium when I visited the bank office in person to place a stock buy or sell order.  Not so long away, me too - I was on the searches for the best online…

Kazbegi Trip 2021

30 July, 2021 seen 118
Kazbegi trip - or searching for hot pools at Truso Valley, wandering at Darial gorge near the Georgian - Russian border, reaching Gveleti waterfall, walk in the clouds at Gergeti.. and of course a lot of offroad driving. Thanks, Ralph…

About Tbilisi - Batumi Flight by Vanilla Sky

29 July, 2021 seen 471
At the end of May 2021, we traveled Tbilisi - Batumi (and back) for the first time with an airplane. And let me say  - this is the best option to travel between these two Georgian cities. In the past, I've tried a train, marshrutka, and…


2 July, 2021 seen 61
Weekend - turned out quite a nice video, despite a bad luck filming. Got a no-fly warning from monks at Zedazeni monastery and heavy rain ruined my plans filming at Birtvisi canyon. From the good - discovered how to use action track on…

Javakheti Trip

18 June, 2021 seen 61
One of the strangest weekend trips, - from the Russian Tsar favorite places in Abastumani to the footsteps of Khertvisi fortress which, rumor has it, Alexader the Great has visited. From the Georgian Cave towns in Vardzia to friendly…

Vashlovani Trip

11 June, 2021 seen 103
Epic Georgia! Epic Vashlovani! Another awesome weekend recorded. Crossing desert sand, meeting more than 30 turtles, reaching man-built Chachuna reservoir, stepping in volcano mud puddles. With an overnight stay in a camp base powered by…

Batumi and Green Cape

4 June, 2021 seen 96
Another awesome weekend has been in our tapes - this time we booked a Tbilisi - Batumi flight by Vanilla Sky (it's super cheap and takes only 50 minutes to get there), a 5-star Hilton Hotel with executive views + gym and saltwater pool…