Tbilisi Adventure Run Fun Race with Caucasus Translations Team

  • Caucasus Translations participated in its first adventure race  in Tbilisi through the mountains close to Mtstasminda Park, with a total of 11 runners, including 9 adults and 2 kids, participating in the 7km fun run distance.
  • The participants were provided with BIB numbers, and the route was marked, with water and snacks offered during the race. The route started and finished at Mtatsminda Park.
  • Custom print T-shirts with QR codes were designed to raise awareness of the brand name, and every team member wore them at the event, followed by dinner at the Funicular restaurant, and a free beer from the organizers.

On April 23, 2023, we run our first adventure race in Tbilisi through the spectacular mountains close to Mtstasminda Park.

The run turned out a bit harder than I expected, but the result still was awesome and everyone from the team finished.

I come up with the idea to have custom print T-shirts for every team member at Caucasus Translations

T-Shirts with QR code

I made this design in Canva, the idea was to raise awareness of the brand name via QR code. We didn't raise much awareness in the end, but still looks awesome! 

Caucasus Translations Team at Tbilisi adventure Run 2023

In total there 11 runners (9 grownups, 2 kids) for the 7km fun run distance.

Poppy fields at Mtatsminda mount

Later that day we went searching poppy fields to Marneuli, and Bolnis, unfortunately, we didn't find them. Just when post-processing the photos I realized, the most poppies that day were at Mtatsminda Park.

Tbilisi adventure run

The route of all the distances started and finished in Mtatsminda Park. The route was marked, participants had BIB numbers and water, and snacks were offered during the race.

Author of this blog at the finish line

My time for the 7km adventure run was 1.03:23 which gave me 98th place among 129 participants. The best time was 31.52. Wow

Caucasus Translations team after the run

Every participant finished, also our 4-year-old daughter did.

Dinner at Funicular restaurant

Besides dinner at the Funicular restaurant, every participant also got a free beer from the organizers.

Caucasus Translations team from a drone flight 2023

Now, that was fun! Hope more such events will come!