Meeting more Latvian Expats at Āgenskalna market

Updated: 23 December, 2021 seen 13

After the strange yesterday, it was agreed to go and support my new German friend at the Āgenskalns market and buy some cheese. 

Leo, an old friend from the Bākūži times offered to go to the Āgenskalns market together. He pick-up us from Pulkveža Brieža street and we went there together. I asked, could Leo also take some ax or some other tool so we can cut a Christmas tree somewhere near Lāči bakery. Leo took both an ax and a Fiskar tool.

At the market, we met Steffen freezing cold with his cheese from Madona, and while I was sliding Renee in a toboggan, some other acquaintance from Georgia approached me. That was Robert from the Japan Tobacco. We last met a few years ago in Tbilisi at his impressive Dighomi house, since then we have been friends on Facebook, and it turns out his relatives are from Vilgāle. 

We chatted a bit about international schools, our upcoming trip to Sri Lanka, Sandra's new office, and of course his business project quails and their eggs. 

In the end, Sandra supported both Steffen buying some cheese and Robert buying some quail. 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

P.S, We cut lovely Christmas tree somewhere in the woods near Bakery Lāči after this interesting expat meeting.