Mestiatour guesthouse in Mestia

  • Mestiatour Guest House is situated in the charming village of Mestia, offering guests a picturesque setting to enjoy. The guest house provides free Wi-Fi and complimentary parking.
  • For a one-night stay in September 2023, we were able to book two separate rooms at the price of GEL 200. This made it a cost-effective choice for our Svaneti trip.
  • The guest house offers private and dormitory rooms that are heated and simply furnished, ensuring a comfortable and warm stay. Guests can also enjoy simple breakfast options for an additional fee, and there are various nearby cafes and restaurants within a 5-minute walk. Additionally, the guest house provides a communal living room with a computer, TV, and a sofa for relaxation. The property offers stunning views of Mestia, including the iconic Svan towers, and is conveniently located just 2 km from Queen Tamar Airport.

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This guest house is located in the picturesque village of Mestia. Free Wi-Fi and free parking are provided at Mestiatour Guest House.

We booked here one night stay but two separate rooms for the price of GEL 200 at the end of September 2023, during our few-day Svaneti trip

The private and dormitory rooms are heated and simply furnished.

Mestiatour guesthouse in Mestia

We got a nice room in the third floor, with nice views towards Mestia. Simple and cozy.

Mestia from a drone flight

From the guesthosues yard I made a few drone photographies. Impressive surroundings views with dozzens of Svan towers around.

Simple breakfast

For additional GEL 60 we got some simple brekfast with egg, bread, salad e.t.c

A variety of cafés and restaurants can be found within a 5-minute walk of the guest house. Guests are also welcome to relax in the hostel’s living room with a computer, a TV and a sofa. Queen Tamar Airport is 2 km from Mestiatour Guest House.

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