Metis Tbilisi Restaurant Review

Updated: 21 February, 2022 seen 315
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Metis is a French-Georgian fusion restaurant bar offering a twist of exotic flavor, centrally located in Tbilisi Old Town (Shavteli street 8). Seems that this Tbilisi restaurant has opened just recently (Summer of 2017), but it already has gained popularity among local Georgia expat audience. 

It was on a sunny Saturday afternoon after we finished some photo shooting at Sameba cathedral (see: Panoramic Photography From Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral) we decided to visit exactly Metis. So we did.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Metis restaurant has a brunch menu from 10:00-16:00 for GEL 29. I remember the time we spent our Saturday mornings in Tbilisi trying to find the best brunch offer and here you go - a brunch menu from Metis in the heart of the city. Amazing.

Metis has an amazing rooftop terrace offering great views over the Mtkvari river - Sameba and the Presidental Palace building are clearly visible

Rooftop terrace at Metis restaurant in Tbilisi

Rooftop terrace at Metis restaurant in Tbilisi

This time they had a fish style brunch menu, kind of Caribbean cuisine brunch menu, fish soup, mussels,  rice and other goodies. 

Caribbean cuisine in Tbilisi

Caribbean cuisine in Tbilisi

Tomato - mango salads was something new for me and I literally fell in love with them. I keep wondering if someday I will travel to Cuba, will I get there such? Also, brunch menu included mussels. I love mussels, but seems I tried them for the first time in Tbilisi (I have tried in Batumi and of course in Turkey, but first place in Tbilisi I know about serving mussels) 

Salmon tartar

Salmon tartar


The Bottom Line

Great food for a great price - we paid about GEL 100 for 2 brunches, salmon tartar, a few coffees and the desert. Splendid views. English speaking staff. 

High Five Metis! - One of the best Tbilisi restaurants!

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