Minimum wages in South Caucasus

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<p>Yesterday I wrote about <a href="">minimum wages in Baltic states</a>. Today I would like to write about minimum wages in South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) countries. Both of these regions was once a part of Soviet Union, and for me it's interesting to compare how each of the regions have developed since collapse of Soviet Union.</p><p>Armenia $108, Azerbaijan $133, Georgia $54</p><p><img src="…; alt="" width="677" height="320"></p><p>Well, if in previous post about minimum wages in Baltic states, I told, that Baltic states are one of the poorest in European Union, then Caucasian country minimum wages looks much worst.</p><p>Anyway, it's the minimum wage look in Caucasus countries in 2013. I think - Georgian 54$ is the lowest minimum wage in former Soviet Union. And right now I'm starting to think that Baltic states modest $400 minimum wage is the highest in former Soviet Union.</p><p>Speaking of Georgia - this number should be raised at least to $100 ASAP, Speaking of region as whole, I hope by end of decade we could see modest minimum wage $300.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>