My Online Income Report - August 2014

This is already my eight Online Income report this year - covering my online income for month of August 2014.

In brief - August so far has been the absolute best in terms of online income. In total I earned $95.03 what is a 343% growth if compared to last month ($21.41) In absolute numbers I earned $73.62 more than in previous month. $95.03 makes average $3.06 per day, what is up from $0.69 last month.

For me such a leap is a great achievement, and I'm very proud of myself.

In fact - last month I earned more, than in previous seven month combined.

Now, there is a one pattern I have noticed - Affiliate pays of more better than contextual ADS like Google Adsense.

In August I have done Google Adsense and three affiliate marketing promotions -, and Amazon.

I have found following:

  • Google Adsense makes pennies - but I'm fine with that
  • Hotel industry is just way too competitive - in hour days it's hard for a small blogger to compete with major brands
  • Amazon is my best finding last month, in fact most of the earnings I earned - have been made from Amazon.

My August earnings were around a minimum wage in Ukraine ($104). By making more than 3 bucks a day, I'm officially above poverty line (2 dollars)

Now lets break things down:

 Earnings $ % of Total
Google Adsense6.877.23%

As I said at start of this post, and as you can see from table above - my biggest surprise and finding is Amazon. It generated me more than 85% of revenue. That's awesome!

Now I would like to ad a new measurement  - RPM

Those of you who are using Google Adsense, are already familiar with term of RPM - which stands for earnings for 1000 pageviews/impression - Reach per Mile.

I decided to create my blog's overall RPM covering not only Adsense, but all other income streams combined, to measure RPM I must reveal how many pageviews I got this month.

For tracking  website visitors statistics I'm using Google Analyitics, and according to it I got 5,002 Unique Pageviews (not counting in all Pageviews)

My combined RPM Stands for $18.99

August RPM

That much I earned for each 1000 unique pageviews in average in month of August.

I really like this number!

Last month when I tried to predict my earnings for month of August I hardly could imagine this will turn out so great, this is what I said:

I will stick with my modest forecasts - honestly speaking anything above single digits will be great, but to keep me in shape I will forecast $15-20 for this month.

I have not only got those results, but quadrupled them - awesome!

Now, that leads me back for September predictions - again and again - I'm not willing to get self-fooled and I will not predict anything giant. My overall prediction for September is modest - anything above $45 will be a great result.

Speaking of longer term goals - one of them is to get over $200 in this year. For 2015 I'm already fantasying of goals like $500 and $1000. Hope this September will give a good results and my "dreams" won't be wiped away.


Hi! My name is Reinis Fischer (38). Dad, husband, options traderdividend income investorcrypto hedge fund manager, drone enthusiast, world traveler, photographer, and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine (vegetarian). 

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