My Online Income Report - October 2014

<p>Welcome to my <a href="">monthly income report</a> - this time covering month of October 2014.</p><p><strong>In brief:</strong></p><p>Things kinda went wrong - after 2 great months with Amazon Affiliate, October earnings decreased, not tragically, but decreased.</p><h2>How much my blog earned in month of October 2014</h2><ul><li>In total I <strong>earned $142.81</strong>, what is a <strong>-50.28% decrease</strong> if compared to previous month ($287.25)</li><li>$142.81 makes average <strong>$4.6 a day</strong></li></ul><p>Thus, my earnings in month of October decrease by around a half, it still managed to became a second best month, in terms of online income</p><p>Obliviously I started to wonder - <strong>why does income this month is lower</strong> - and if honest I didn't find a good explanation. I have just one assumption - <strong>October was a slow month for retail sales</strong>, why? Have no idea! <em>Maybe in October people have less money to spend?</em></p><p>See - there is nothing wrong with traffic to my blog, it even<a href=""&gt; <strong>increased for 42%</strong> in month of October</a>, so I cannot explain this with lost traffic. Even clicks to Amazon increased sharply, but conversation rates decreased from about <strong>5% in September</strong> to <strong>2.4% in October</strong> (more than by half).</p><p>What leads me to think, there is nothing wrong with site, content on it, just people are buying less. <strong>Or - I'm sending wrong traffic to Amazon.</strong></p><p>Will it change this month? &nbsp;- at least I hope so.<strong> It's holiday season, and if done right, this should be a gold miner.</strong></p><h2>RPM</h2><p><img src="; alt="October RPM" title="October RPM" width="620" height="160"></p><p><em>October RPM</em></p><p>On <a href="">August Income Report </a>I defined a new measurement for my blogs income - <strong>RPM</strong> - well it's nothing new, and everyone is familiar with that already. In August I wanted to play with RPM only for unique page views. Now I decided - why to make it complicated? I will stick with <em>ALL Pageviews</em>. So by learning my traffic stats in month of October, I know that I had 7,591 pageviews, what makes my <strong>RPM to stand at = $18.8</strong>1</p><p>Now - I would like to speak about RPM more:</p><p>I started to monetize my blog at start of this year in month of January, back then I was using plug&amp;play Google Adsense, what brought (and still brings) me on couple of dollars each month. I even did setup a<a href=""&gt; goal to reach minimum $40 per month on Google Adsense</a> (Haven't happened yet). I was not paying much attention to my earnings RPM (Google Adsense offers their own RPM). Then on August I decided to give a try for Amazon associates program, which literally broke the bank in <a href="">first month, earning me some $95 in tota</a>l.</p><p>I'm the geeky person who likes to track every single data, he can track, so I have created a Google Spreadsheet where each month I'm analysing different data (visitors, page views, bounce rates as well earnings (both Google Adsense and Amazon). A pretty neat sheet containing all data in one place. So yesterday I added a new columns and rows to my sheet for RPM, and here I will add my RPM for this year:</p><table dir="ltr" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><colgroup><col width="100"><col width="100"></colgroup><tbody><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;Month&quot;]"><strong>Month</strong></td><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;RPM&quot;]"><strong>RPM</strong></td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;January&quot;]">January</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,0.09426551453260015]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$0.09</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;February&quot;]">February</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,0.08028545941123996]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$0.08</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;March&quot;]">March</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,0.6926406926406926]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$0.69</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;April&quot;]">April</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,1.3259668508287292]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$1.33</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;May&quot;]">May</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,2.173134328358209]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$2.17</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;June&quot;]">June</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,2.7974890829694323]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$2.80</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;July&quot;]">July</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,1.1919120255409719]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$1.19</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;August&quot;]">August</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,12.882841328413283]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$12.88</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;September&quot;]">September</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,50.9996384671005]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$51.00</td></tr><tr><td data-sheets-value="[null,2,&quot;October&quot;]">October</td><td data-sheets-value="[null,3,null,17.888288763008823]" data-sheets-numberformat="[null,4,&quot;\&quot;$\&quot;#,##0.00&quot;]" data-sheets-formula="=sum(R[0]C[-4]/R[0]C[-25])*1000">$17.89</td></tr></tbody></table><p><em>RPM January 2014 - October 2014</em></p><p>Values for RPM doesn't correspond 100% my blog, there are few other resources I'm using monetization, and they are counted in, but they role is around 3-5%, the basic data is right.</p><p>As you can see - January - July - RPM is really modest, starting August (starting to promote Amazon products) RPM goes up sharply,reaching all time pretty impressive high of $51.00 per thousand page views in month of September.</p><p>Technically speaking, RPM of $18.81 (or $17.89 in table) is second best and I must admit a pretty impressive. Would I like to have it again at $51.00? Definitely!&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.538em;">Will it happen any time soon? Have no clue - I'm still new to Affiliate marketing. <strong>One thing I can tell for sure - affiliate marketing works!</strong></span></p><h2>Forecast/Predictions</h2><p>Last month by forecasting this month I said:</p><blockquote><p><span>to get over $100</span></p></blockquote><p><span>Well, that happened this month.</span></p><p><span>Now what about November? </span></p><p><span>Well my inner feeling says, there must be something good - it's holiday season, and people are looking for gifts. Will I predict something ... hmm... taking into account slow month of October - I will forecast $150.</span></p>