My Summer Office 2016

Finally I have a good working place, a year ago I had to spend my days in front of house, while two years ago I reported very scenic working place - Turtle Lake in Tbilisi

After several days of improve back at our rural house, the room meant to be an office / guest bedroom is finally done, except it asks for some interior decors and other details, which makes overall mood.

Summer office 2016

Summer office 2016

Well I haven't done much digital work from here yet, but I hope I will spend these Summer nights not only by trimming grass, but hopefully patching some Drupal modules, developing new things, of course blogging, and post processing my photography (Adobe Lightroom, you rock)

As for Digital nomads, the place means nothing until you have good internet connection, well this is a problem a bit, we are using routers built in our phones to connect our laptops to the rest of the world (or in my case with Linode in London data center). The internet is pretty slow or is not available during daytime, thus it is fast as a rocket in night (strange, right).

Ok, enough talking, it's time to trim some more grass!