In one of my previous posts, I compared Baltic states to Caucasus by GDP in 2012. Now it's time to see - what's the economy of Nordic countries?

GDP in Nordic countries 2012

Denmark 314.2 billion USD Finland 250 billion USD Iceland 13.66 billion USD Norway 499.7 billion USD Sweden 525.7 billion USD As we can see from data provided above, the most richest country in Nordics is Sweden. But lets look now, where GDP are higher per capita

GDP per capita 2012 Nordic countries

Denmark 56.210 Finland 46.178 Iceland 42.658 Norway 99.55 Sweden 55.244 Well. Norway has really really high GDP per capita - 99.55 thousands USD. I'm not a Norway expert - but they have Oil?

Total GDP in Nordic countries 2012

Denmark + Finland + Iceland + Norway + Sweden = 1.603 trillion - pretty impressive number, well if compared to Baltic states or Caucasus.