Paint job for Bedroom and Kitchen

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Today early morning I checked out of the lovely Šaha klubs apartments in Kuldīga to come and paint our Vilgāle apt.

While driving to Vilgāle my fiance proposed we could prebook such lovely apartments in Kuldīga for the Summer Festival - I had to reply, well we have Vilgāle, huh?

arriving early I started applying second layer of paint in the bedroom, here is what I got

Bedroom painted

Next is to install electricity plugs and lamps, add hardwood floring

Kitchen area painted

More work here, but also needs to paint, add plugs and install hardwood / tiles

Cost so far:

  • Water plumbing: EUR 60
  • Sadales Tīkls: EUR 60
  • Electrician: EUR 155
  • Architect: EUR 800
  • Removing walls and floor: EUR 775
  • Chalk removing, / wiring: EUR 500
  • Wall plastering/frame for drywall ceiling (bedroom): EUR 875
  • New windows: EUR 1,252 
  • Window replacement: EUR 200
  • Estrich floor with an underfloor heating system and all plumbing: EUR 1,916
  • Rock wool for the ceiling, drywall constructions, drywall, and some wiring: EUR 866
  • Plastering bedroom and living room: EUR 1,200
  • Chimneysweep: EUR 30
  • More drywall, rock wool, electric cables, plumbing, and others: EUR 1094
  • Doors for bedroom and bathroom: EUR 291.58
  • More sauna, more drywall, more plumbing, more wiring EUR 1,992.56
  • More sauna, more drywall, more electricity: EUR 370
  • more plastering: EUR 340
  • Paint and tools (paintbrush, rolls, gloves, scothc): EUR 74.86

TOTAL: EUR 12,852