Vake Park in Tbilisi

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Vake park is popular recreational area in Tbilisi. Opened for public since 1946, it was built in the former wastelands.

Designed by architect K. Dgebuadze and dendrologist N. Tsitsishvili a lot of work on the drainage and landscaping with the use of blasting was carried out, created soil, planted hundreds of thousands of conifers, deciduous fruit trees (successful experience of mass transplanting adult specimens) and shrubs . Creation of the park was the largest tree planting project of Tbilisi back of the time.

Vake park in Tbilisi

If you had traveled to Yereven, Armenia, you will find some similarities with Yerevan Cascade, thus Cascade is in much better shape and better managed.

The central part of the park had a regular layout, was a borderland arboretum. From Chavchavadze avenue, overlooking the park at 7 meters, the park conducted a monumental staircase with cascading fountains. theater, restaurant, park pavilions.

Statue of Victory

In Soviet times, park was called Victory Park. Glory memorial complex was created with a 28-meter statue of Victory (1981, architects V. Alexi-Meskhishvili, K. Nakhutsrishvili, sculptor G. Ochiauri).

At Vake Park

In the vicinity of the park on one of the peaks of the Trialeti Range is located Turtle Lake

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