Poppy fields near Marneuli

Updated: 27 October, 2021 seen 433

We love poppy fields, we have featured them a couple of times here at the Piece of Life series

Today we are going to share a brief photo story with poppy field near Marneuli, next to the Милена Оптовый Магазин (Milena mall)

It was one of the first days when travel restrictions between Georgia's inner cities were lifted and we decided to head to the Marneuli side looking for poppy fields (my partner have seen online some beautiful photos of poppies the day before). I love these wandering around days.

We didn't find the special poppy field, instead we found poppies. Surprisingly we made a lot of great family portraits here rich with poppies  in the background.

Poppy fields next to the Milena Shopping mall near Marneuli

Poppy fields next to the Milena Shopping mall near Marneuli

Quite an interesting stop here, we spent about an hour in this flower field.

Poppy field

Poppy field

That was a nice day at the end of May 2020.


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