Postcards from Seville, Spain

We spent a whole day in charming Seville (Spain) back in June 2016. Although many tourism objects and sites were visited today, just one did find a separate article on blog, see Plaza De Espana.

Today I decided to experiment with mood photography and as I photographed a lot tourists in the streets of Seville, a nice addition to Postcards from series, I thought. Postcards from Spain have been featured already a few times on Piece of Life project, see Postcards from CadizSunflower fields in Andalusia, SpainPostcards from Spain

Tourists buying postcards in Seville

I didn't bought one.

Spices in the streets of Seville

Spaniards love to sell spices, tea and other goodies, few days ago we visited a fair in Fair in El Puerto de Santa Maria, the street scene was pretty much the same there. 

Streets of Seville

What's the best travel advice I can give to the tourist going to Seville? Get lost in the charming streets of Seville and enjoy!

Postcards from Seville

Simple and elegant

A huge rhododendron tree in Seville

Love rhododendron's? You will love Spain, as they are literally everywhere.