Postcards from Yerevan (Winter)

Back in February 2023, we made a short, but very remarkable business trip to Armenia and of course it's capital Yerevan.

In today's Piece of Life series - a day from Winter in the city of Yerevan. Many years ago I featured Postcards from Yerevan (Spring)

Republic square in Yerevan

Republic Square in Yerevan definitely is the city's one of main landmarks and popular tourist spots. I first discovered it back at the start of January 2014, and have returned to Yerevan city since then a couple of more times.

Mariott Hotel Armenia Yerevan

Centrally located on Republic Square. We booked this hotel for about 3 day stay at mid-February 2023 paying about EUR 420.

Monument to 50 years of Soviet Armenia

If you are into Soviet Architecture, this place deffintely is worth the visit. The views from the viewing platfom are just awesome.

Yerevan Cascade

One of the top attractions in Yerevan, Armenia is the Cascade - stairways providing probably the most beautiful views of the city.

Let's see how many years it will take me to take Yerevan in Summer photos?!