I would call Rachis Ubani restaurant probably as on of the best restaurants in Tbilisi. This restaurant serves a traditional Georgian Cuisine.

It's not even about a great food they are serving here (although food is tremendous here) but more of it's location. Rachis Ubani restaurant is located on road serpentine between Vake and Turtle lake, on the edge of Tbilisi Open Air Ethnographic museum. It best to enjoy your meal at this restaurant's patio during hot summer evenings. Restaurant offers spectacular views to citylights. After tasting wine they are serving here in combination with those views you will definitely agree with me by saying - it's best restaurant in Tbilisi.

Rachis Ubani meaning in English language is - Racha House. Racha is a historical region of Georgia, since this restaurant is located at the edge of Open Air Museum - and probably situated in Rachians style building - so here you have a meaning of this place.

I first discovered this restaurant back in 2011 and as  rule of thumb in Georgia   - if restaurant is in business for years it's a good restaurant.

Badrijani at Rachis Ubani restaurant

Tkemali and Sacebeli sauces

Barbecue with sliced onions

Home style fried potatoes with onions

More barbecue

Fried champignons filled with Sulguni cheese

Yard at Rachis Ubani

Well at Rachis Ubani

The bottom line

Rachis Ubani is one of the most expensive restaurants in Tbilisi I'm visiting. For  all above seen food I paid around 90 GEL ($40.00 / EUR 37.00) - it's a bit pricey compared to other Tbilisi restaurants, but as I mentioned the views and atmosphere provided at Rachis Ubani restaurant compensates that.

Location & Map
Coordinates: 41.702597 44.745485