Resort Ujarma

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Resort Ujarma is located on the banks of Iori river some 32 km from Tbilisi (about 40 minute drive with a car)

The main feature of the Resort Ujarma is healing water with iodine and bromine. The entire territory of the resort covered in forest. The climate is characteristic of the low mountains of eastern Georgia, relatively wet.

We discovered this interesting  - back to the USSR style, place on a lovely Saturday morning in early June 2019, after agreeing to drive after one of the most delicious barbeques you can find at Iosebis Duqani restaurant in Sasadilo village near Ujarma.

Additionally, the better side of me took a quick look at Google Maps to see, what's nearby - and that' s how Resort Ujarma popped up. We had additional interest in this place as it was said here psoriasis could be healed.

Once we were on site I thought - here you go another cool site to visit for those liking and enjoying Soviet Architecture, aka Brutal Tours, see Brutal Tours - Explore Soviet Georgian Architecture in Tbilisi, I won't hide that first impression were like  - OMG what is this? Some kind Chernobyl or what. I didn't believe this place is open for public, and huge was my surprise to learn that yes it's operating and accepting guests.

Main building of Resort Ujarma

The main building of Resort Ujarma

I found it hard to fit this building in one frame and had to apply panoramic photography skills (Not the best result, but you can get the impression at least)

We were given a short excursion on site and we learned that a 10-day cure here costs:

  • 820 GEL when staying in a room located in the main building
  • 1000 GEL when staying in a separate cottage

The price is per one person and includes cure and healing procedures at the baths worth some GEL 280, accommodation and 3 meals per day

Simple twin room

Simple twin room

I noticed there was a small flat screen TV on the wall. That's a bonus at least.

Now, inside the cottages, they had a bigger flat screen TV and what's really cool, even a separate sauna. Probably that's the reason why cottage cost 1000 GEL

Healing baths at Resort Ujarma

Healing baths at Resort Ujarma

Now, these made me smile and reminded me of the strange drive to the Biisi sulfur baths a time ago. I doubt I would love to take one, but on the other hand people looking to heal psoriasis, for example, probably would dive in not thinking much

Last, but not least, there is an ongoing reconstruction works going on (as the manager told me) since 2008. Most of the area looks decent (both inside and outside)

Old and rusted bathes in front of the main entrance

Old and rusted bathes in front of the main entrance

I didn't find much information about this place online, but here is what I found so far (source)

Resort Ujarma Invites for treatment and rest Balneo-therapeutic
The treatment gives good results from the following diseases:
1 polyosteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis (salt accumulation);
2 Spondylosis, spondyloarthrosis;
3 Rheumatism;
4 Revmopolyarthritis;
5 Myocardial dystrophy in the compensatory stage;
6 Hypertensive diseases (I, II);
7 Thrombophlebitis;
8 Peripheral nervous system disease (sciatica);
9 Central nervous system disease (autonomic
10 skin diseases eczema;
11 psoriasis;
12 Endarteritis; (chronic vascular disease)

The Bottom Line

Now, we had this really strange feeling after seeing this place both from outside and inside. There were no guests during our short visit here in early June, but there were personally (at least 10 people) there were even a main doctor or something telling about procedures and healing effect. I felt back in the time, I felt back in the Soviet Union. I did find it strange.

Despite we would like to take an effect of iodine and bromine, I doubt we could take 10 days here. It might get very boring. Additionally, a cottage for 2 persons will cost GEL 2,000  (USD 720).. now, for this money you could get a charter flight to Antalya and stay for 7 nights in a 3-star full board hotel. 

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If you are not willing to stay here for a night (10 nights) you could take the healing procedures only for GEL 280, but I wonder how would you get here then - forth and back every day. It's complicated lol


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