From Riga to Disaster: Repairing Our Wind Damaged Frame House in Latvia

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Just after we finished most of the framing for our frame house in Latvia, we left for a weekend in Riga.

After spending good 4 or 5 days in the nation's capital we found a huge surprise when returned - high wind, the storm has damaged our building and the looks were not good. 

Our frame house has suffered significant damage due to the strong winds

Wind damaged house in Latvia

I called to my assistant and together we fixed most of the damage in just a few couple of hours. We started by removing roof constructions

rebuilding frame

Once the roof was disconected, leveled up and fixed the walls

Rebuilding frame house

As the weather was not very good and it kept raining, I decided not to install rafters yet, as we also had a two week trip to France planned the next morning.

Decided to leave this house as it is and finish the roof once returning from France trip.

Author of this blog captured in action

Against the odds we fixed most of the issues today.