Setting My First Amazon Affiliate Marketing Goal

<p>Amazon affiliate program is something completely new for me, not to say affiliate marketing as whole is a new thing for me. I have been playing around with Google Adsense for last 5 years (my earnings are still pathetic low - actually, just in two last months<a href=""&gt; I have earned a bit more than $10 per month</a>)</p><p>Speaking of Affiliate marketing programs, the one and only I have been using so far - <a href=""> affiliate</a> (although the results there sucks too)</p><p>Some time ago I started to learn more about affiliate marketing programs - mainly everyone in our days speaks - <strong>Adsense is pennies compared to affiliate marketing</strong> - and in fact I do believe that.</p><p>Take a look at <a href="">my last online income report</a> - income from affiliate programs in first month is even to my Google Adsense Earnings.&nbsp;</p><p>Since affiliate is new to me - I'm learning it slowly (I'm not even speaking of mastering it).</p><p>Before I started to promote Booking hotels - I did setup a modest goal for it - <a href="… send 50 visitors in a month to their booking site.</a> After the first month I didn't manage to reach my goal (I stood still at 42 sent visitors) but I believe I will manage to achieve 50 visitors this month.</p><p>And so - I'm adding a new affiliate marketing program on board - <a title="Apply for Amazon Affiliate" href="">Amazon… my first Amazon Affiliate Marketing Goal</h2><p>Since I'm total newbie to Amazon (although I have been doing online shopping there in rarely occasions) - I decided to set my first Amazon affiliate goal really low - to send 35 visitors to their site.</p><p>Yes, that is my first goal starting my journey with Amazon partner program - send 35 visitors in a month to their website.</p><p>I'm not talking about making any actual purchases right now. I do not believe that number 35 is enough to make any orders to happen - although some claims that Amazon haves one of the highest CTR in web industry - about 10%. It sounds tempting - in ideal scenario it would mean 3.5 orders from 35 sent visitors. But again - I doubt that. I'm not doubting about Amazon's ability to convert those users - I doubt I will send qualified leads at now.</p><h2>What is the commission structure paid to Amazon Affiliates</h2><p>Well, compared to other affiliate programs it's really low, as it seems no for me. Amazon is paying 4% - 8.5% commission to their affiliates per ordered product. In case you are promoting some low-priced items - your commission will be low as well. If you are promoting some hi-tech your commission still low but more impressive compared to those low-priced items.</p><p>My strategy is simple - I will promote products starting $100, hopping it will give me pretty OK commission.&nbsp;</p><p>The thing is &nbsp;- as I believe - the work and time you spend for promoting low or high priced items are equal - and right now - I'm opting to put my efforts on high priced items.&nbsp;</p><p><img src="…; alt="Amazon Commission Structure" title="Amazon Commission Structure" width="448" height="281"></p><p><em>Amazon Commission Structure</em></p><p>I must admit that it's pretty tempting to overpass 6 shipped/downloaded items per month to raise basic commission from 4% to 6%. Probably one of the options to bypass 4% line is by selling some amount of cheaper, low-priced, easy to sell items (Perhaps some books?)</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>What is your thoughts - is it possible to earn some decent income from Amazon affiliate for a newbie, what techniques you recommend? Drop a comment!</strong></p>