Shaori Reservoir

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Shaori Reservoir is an artificial lake located in the region of Racha, Georgia  - some 170 km northwest of the capital Tbilisi.

I first visited it in mid-October 2022, during our first trip to Racha

Shaori Reservoir

The Shaori reservoir stretches from the southwest to the northeast, its length is 7.1 kilometers, the greatest width is 2.7 kilometers.

The greatest depth is 14.5 meters, the average depth is 9.8 meters, the area is 9.2 km². The volume of water is 90.6 million m³. It is fed by tributaries and precipitation that falls on its surface (1500 mm per year). 

Shaori reservoir

The banks of the reservoir are mostly low and steep, in some places they are flat.

Shaori Reservoir in Georgia

I can see some great tourism potential here. 

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