Sairme Pillars


The pillars of Sairme are a rock massif in the region of Racha - Lechkhumi, Georgia.  The region of Lechkhumi is rich with remarkable natural and historical monuments. Among them is one of the natural monuments, the rocky massif- Sairme Pillars. I first learned about this place back in 2022, during our weekned trip to the region of Racha. I hired the local driver to take me here. I didnt hike here, just was flying DJI mavic air 2 around.  The are seems like an easy hike route. Sarme pillars…

Alpana Waterfall


Alpana waterfall is a small waterfall along the Alpana - Tsageri road in the Racha - Lechkhumi region of Georgia.  I was taken here by our driver we ordered back in Ambrolauri, just shortly after visiting Sairme pillars during our weekend trip to Racha back in October 2022 Seems there is a little pool where some could go for a nice refreshments in a hot Summer day Quite pictursque place. worth to spend some 5 minutes here.

Defunct Tkibuli - Tskhrajvari Cable Car


During our latest (and yet first) Racha trip we discovered this quite awesome, but defunct Soviet cable car station near Tskhrajvari. Turns out, it has been the second largest Second longest aerial tramway in Georgia and Soviet Union with 3644 meters, height difference: 850 meters. The cable car station near Tskhrajvari is located at the top of the cliff - nowadays quite a popular tourist destination in the area.  Despite being defunct - I see a great potential to renew cable car service hear…

Shaori Reservoir


Shaori Reservoir is an artificial lake located in the region of Racha, Georgia  - some 170 km northwest of the capital Tbilisi. I first visited it in mid-October 2022, during our first trip to Racha The Shaori reservoir stretches from the southwest to the northeast, its length is 7.1 kilometers, the greatest width is 2.7 kilometers. The greatest depth is 14.5 meters, the average depth is 9.8 meters, the area is 9.2 km². The volume of water is 90.6 million m³. It is fed by tributaries and…

Sikvaruli Waterfall in Racha


The Sikvaruli waterfall (Waterfall of love) is located in Racha, near the town of Ambrolauri, Georgia The waterfall flows on the mossy rocky massive and creates marvelous sight. Waterflow is located across the Rioni River. We discovered this place by a chance - when our Rachan driver Levan, showed this place as one of the top sights around Ambrolauri. Indeed the waterfall is quite impressive and looks double interesting because of the many colors around it - greed, red, blue. But it also…

Sakhluka Rachashi, Cozy Cabin in Racha / Agara


Sakhluka Rachashi cabin house is located in Agara in the Racha region of Georgia. We booked this place on Airbnb for about a 2-night stay in mid-October 2022, during our Racha trip. In total, we paid about $300 for our stay here. As this time we were traveling without a car, we arrived here from Sadmeli Winery near Ambroulauri, after a short trip around Racha, by a driver I hired in Ambrolauri.  We had a little nice cabin house, with two bedrooms, fake, but fun, little fireplace, nice…

Nikortsminda Cathedral


Nikortsminda Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox Church, located in Nikortsminda, Racha region of Georgia. I first discovered this beautiful cathedral in mid-October 2022, during our first trip to the region of Racha. It is said, that Nikortsminda was built in 1010–1014 during the reign of Bagrat III of Georgia and was repaired in 1534 by the King Bagrat III of Imereti. Three-storied bell tower next to the cathedral was built in the second half of the 19th century. Frescoes inside the cathedral…

Racha trip


Unforgettable Fall break from QSI Tbilisi to the picturesque region of Racha. From lush vineyards to charming wooden cottages, from hiking above the clouds to stumbling upon a defunct cable car station, our adventure had it all. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a virtual tour filled with nature, culture, and a touch of rustic charm.Taking advantage of the convenient 30-minute flight from Tbilisi to Ambrolauri with Vanilla Sky, our journey began with anticipation and excitement. Racha…

Sadmeli Winery & Guesthouse


Located in Sadmeli village, close to Ambrolauri town in Georgia's Racha region - Sadmeli Winery features a garden, terrace, spectacular views towards the valley, and free WiFi throughout the property. The guest house has family rooms.  We booked a one-night stay at this place in mid-October 2022, during our Fall Break (at QSI Tbilisi) trip to the Region of Racha. We arrived here by plane from Natakhtari (Tbilisi) to the Ambrolauri airplane. Shuttle service was organized for a small additional…

Buying Real Estate in Racha (Ambrolauri district)


Racha is a highland area in western Georgia, located in the upper Rioni river valley and hemmed in by the Greater Caucasus mountains.  Ambrolauri serves as the seat of the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regional administration and of the Ambrolauri Municipality and had a population of 2,015 in 2021. The city is served by a small, but very convenient Ambrolauri airport, with a few weekly flights to Natakhtari (Tbilisi), thus making the city and the whole region of Racha - attractive for real…