Sikvaruli Waterfall in Racha

Updated: 25 November, 2022 seen 25

The Sikvaruli waterfall (Waterfall of love) is located in Racha, near the town of Ambrolauri, Georgia

The waterfall flows on the mossy rocky massive and creates marvelous sight. Waterflow is located across the Rioni River.

We discovered this place by a chance - when our Rachan driver Levan, showed this place as one of the top sights around Ambrolauri.

Sikvaruli wterfall in Racha
Sikvaruli wterfall in Racha

Indeed the waterfall is quite impressive and looks double interesting because of the many colors around it - greed, red, blue. But it also depends on the season of the year. Fall is especially popular among Racha photographers.

Sikvaruli waterfall in Racha
Newly built asphalt road to Sikvaruli waterfall in Racha

The road literally ends at the waterfall, so you cannot pass it.

Spend some time at the waterfall before exploring other parts of Racha.