Latvia is a land of old manor houses and palaces, they dates back from the times when German nobles ruled this territory. A lot of manors one (perhaps you) can find in a historical region of Courland. I found this interesting Snēpele manor during a trip back from Kuldīga town. Since I'm eager to improve my photography skills, I did find just another reason to add a new post on my blog. 

Snepele manor 

I made a lot of shots of this manor by hand (not using a tripod) and just this one made it to you. 

The outhouse near Snepele manor

Road Sign to Snepele Manor

As well a bus stop  - probably you can take a bus from Kuldīga here

View to the Snepele village

That tall building on the left is a water tower not some old Soviet monument.

About Snēpele manor

Snēpele Palace (Latvian: Snēpeles muižas pils) is a palace in the historical region of Courland, in western Latvia. It was originally built at the beginning of the 19th century as a baronial hunting lodge with two room apartments for guests on the second floor. The building has housed the Snēpele primary school since 1924.

The building has decorated columns on both sides of the portico, and the wrought iron railing dates from the first half of the 19th century. The exterior doors are from the second half of the 19th century. The first floor has a hall with a beautiful painting on the ceiling. The second floor has a guest lounge with large rooms.

Preserved in the palace are three fireplaces, four columns and four furnaces. The corridors on both ends of the second floor remain with large semi-circular windows decorated with impressive ornaments. In the basement is the kitchen with auxiliary rooms where the school cafeteria is now located. Meals are taken to the dining room floor through an elevator.

Location & Map
Snēpele Latvia
Coordinates: 56.840287 21.944847