Statue of Medea in Batumi

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The Statue of Medea is located at Europe square in the Batumi city center. The Statue is dedicated to Medea, Colchian Princess from Greek mythology. 

Statue was opened to the public back in 2007. I have visited for many times Europe square and the statue of Medea, especially in the recent years when a McDonalds is opened next to the monument, so I decided add this pictursque place to the blog.

A must have place to visiti once in Batumi:

Statue of Medea in Batumi

It is believed that on the territory of Ajara once existed Colchis civilization. Medea, who was the daughter of the king under the spell of the love of Jason the Argonaut, helped to steal a guarantor of prosperity and mascot of her people – the Golden Fleece. The couple ran on the Argo ship, which is depicted in the statue.

Statue of Medea from a drone flight

Also is known the fact that Medea was a skillful physician and pharmacist of her time, so science medicine was named in her honor. Today Medea statue with Golden Fleece, which is actually gold-plated, symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and connection of Georgia to the European world.

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