Tbilisi Airbnb property managment

Updated: 12 April, 2023 seen 428

Tbilisi ex-pats and locals - I'm launching a new service - Tbilisi Airbnb property management.

Whether you are an expat looking for someone that does Airbnb management in Tbilisi? Someone that can take care of your apartment and rent it out when you are out of town. Or local looking to get maximum return from short-term rentals. We are here to help.

I'm open to helping manage your property, listing it on Airbnb, Booking.com, and other travel booking websites. Helping with quality photography, copywriting, setting the right price to get the best results, and last but not least taking care of maintenance and cleaning. We will take 20% of the Gross income.

If you have an apartment you are ready to rent out for the long term (at least 1 year) - we are interested in renting it for a fixed price and subletting for short-term rentals. You will get a fixed monthly payment - no matter, will we make any booking or not. We are interested in newly finished projects in Vake, Saburtalo.

We are also open to buying your real estate in Tbilisi or any other part of Georgia. 

Interested? Send me a message and lets discuss! 


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