I would like to see how does top 10 worlds countries by GDP looks on chart. 

Top 10 largest countries in 2012 by GDP

  • United States 15.680 trillions USD
  • China 8. 227 trillions USD
  • Japan 5.960 trillions USD
  • Germany 3.400 trillions USD
  • France 2.613 trillions USD
  • United Kingdom 2.435 trillions USD
  • Brazil 2.253 trillions USD
  • Russia 2.015 trillions USD
  • Italy 2.013 trillions USD
  • India 1.842 trillions USD

GDP per capita in TOP 10 largest countries by GDP

  • United States 49.96 thousands USD
  • Japan 46.72 thousands USD
  • Germany 41.54 thousands USD
  • France 39.77 thousands USD
  • United Kingdom 38.51 thousands USD
  • Italy 33.04 thousands USD
  • Russia 14.03 thousands USD
  • Brazil 11.33 thousands USD
  • China 6.09 thousands USD
  • India 1.489 thousands USD

From world top largest economies I would like to point out that 4 of 5 BRICS countries are on list - Brazil, Russia, India, China. All of 4 have major rule in top 10 largest countries by GDP. They are developing countries, with relatively low GDP per capita level.

Highest goes to Russia (14.03 thousands USD), and the lowest to India (1.48 thousands USD). There already are signs that in sooner future China will rank NR1 by GDP in Worlds economy. And my strong believe is that Russia will climb up as well. If the GDP growths, as well growths GDP per capita.

When will we see China GDP per capita reaching 10.000 thousand USD mark, and will Russia will climb up to 20.000 mark in next 5 years? Speaking of China,I'm not so sure... Speaking of Russia - I trully believe that Russia can :)

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