Top Georgian Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange

It was back in 2011 or 2012 when I first heard about Bank of Georgia or TBC bank is listed on the London stock exchange.

Back then I thought - wow, cool, impressive. Fast forward to 2020, I still think this is impressive that Georgia has a few companies listed on the London stock exchange, but as my investment horizons have shifted towards dividend investing + options trading, I don't find investing on LSE interesting. 

Anyhow, in today's article I'm going to look at four Georgian companies listed on London stock exchange: Bank of Georgia, TBC bank, Georgia Healthcare Group and Georgia capital.

As said, I'm not the biggest fan of investing in the London Stock exchange (I prefer NYSE or Nasdaq), but I do have one investment from the London - Blackstone

Also, I'm more options + dividend investor. When looking at data from these 4 Georgian companies listed on the London Stock exchange, just one company (TBC bank) is paying a humble 0.071% dividend. None of these companies are optionable. Investments in one of these Georgian companies should be looked as the long term value growth investments.

without further ado, here are the top 4 Georgian companies listed on the London stock exchange,

it should be noted that all prices are in GBX (pence sterling), to get the price in pounds divide it by 100

Bank of Georgia Group PLC

This is one of the largest banks in Georgia, i ave a bank account here, see: Opening Bank Account in Georgia - Bank of Georgia

As much as I like bank stoks, I have a few in my portfolio (apparently not from Georgia), like PBCT, BAC, WFC and European ING bank (Netherlands) - I would love to own Bank of Georgia, but lack of the dividend or options keeps me away investing yet. From the good points it should be noted that JP Morgan owns about 3% at Bank of Georgia.

Bank of Georgia Group PLC

Bank of Georgia Group PLC (stock price as of July 17, 2020)

Bank of Georgia Group PLC (“Bank of Georgia Group” or the “Group” – LSE: BGEO LN) is a UK incorporated holding company, which comprises: a) retail banking and payment services, and b) corporate investment banking and wealth management operations. JSC Bank of Georgia (“Bank of Georgia”, “BOG” or the “Bank”), the leading universal bank in Georgia, is the core entity of the Group. The Group also operates in Belarus, through its banking subsidiary, BNB. The Group targets to benefit from superior growth of the Georgian economy through both its retail banking and corporate investment banking services and aims to deliver on its strategy, which is based on at least 20% ROAE and c.15% growth of its loan book.

TBC Bank Group PLC

Another prominent Georgian bank listed on LSE. 

TBC Bank Group PLC

TBC Bank Group PLC (stock price as of July 17, 2020)

TBC Bank Group PLC (TBC Bank) is the UK-incorporated parent company of JSC TBC Bank and its subsidiaries, which is the leading universal financial group in Georgia. TBC Bank holds a dominant position in all its major business lines comprised of retail, corporate and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). Its fully fledged financial services include traditional banking offerings as well as the industry’s cutting-edge solutions. TBC Bank is a pioneer in the region in launching the first fully digital bank, Space and the first customer focused digital ecosystems, creating a whole new world of opportunities for its customers.

Georgia Healthcare Group PLC

Now, this company owns hospitals and pharmacies all across Georgia, from pharmacy stores -GPC and Pharmadepot. The entry price is really love, I might consider to buy some for speculative  value growth in the future.

Georgia Healthcare Group PLC

Georgia Healthcare Group PLC (stock price as of July 17, 2020)

We are the largest healthcare services provider in the fast-growing, predominantly privately-owned, Georgian healthcare ecosystem. We lead the market by offering the most comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient services, targeting the population of the entire country and beyond through our vertically integrated network of hospitals and clinics. We also operate the largest pharmacy and distribution business and are the largest medical insurance provider in the country.

Georgia Capital PLC

this is interesting company, by investing with Georgia Capital you will take both little ownership both at Bank of Georgia and Georgia Healt Group

Georgia Capital PLC

Georgia Capital PLC (stock price as of July 17, 2020)

Georgia Capital PLC (“Georgia Capital” or “the Group” or “GCAP”– LSE: CGEO LN) is a platform for buying, building and developing businesses in Georgia. The Group’s primary business is to develop or buy businesses, help them institutionalize their management and grow them into mature businesses that can further develop largely on their own, either with continued oversight or independently. The Group’s focus is typically on smaller or early stage businesses in sectors capable of rapid development and consolidation, but we also consider more developed sectors, where a strong market position can be achieved through an acquisition or larger greenfield project. Georgia Capital will normally seek to monetise its investment over a 5-10 year period from initial investment. Georgia Capital currently manages nine private businesses: (i) a water utility business; (ii) a renewable energy business; (iii) a housing development business; (iv) a hospitality and commercial real estate business; (v) a property and casualty insurance business; and (vi) a beverages business; (vii) an education business; (viii) an auto service business; and (ix) a digital services business; and two public investments (London Stock Exchange premium-listed Georgian companies): (i) Georgia Healthcare Group PLC (GHG), (70.6% equity stake), a UK incorporated holding company of the largest healthcare services provider, the largest pharmaceuticals retailer and wholesaler and the largest medical insurance provider in Georgia; and (ii) Bank of Georgia Group PLC (BoG), (19.9% equity stake), a leading universal bank in Georgia.