Top Places To Visit in Georgia in April

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In this article, I will list some of the top places to visit in Georgia during the month of April.

Tbilisi - is definitely worth visiting at any season of the year, April is a very good month to visit Tbilisi, weather is warm and long gone are March winds - go explore Tbilisi old town, climb up to the Narikala fortress, enter Tbilisi Botanical Garden and watch everything around you blooming. Visit Tbilisi Dezerteer bazaar and buy some fresh vegetables (you could start searching for strawberries)

Kutaisi - the second largest city in Georgia, with an international airport located some 17km from the city center - visit Sataplia and Prometheus caves. Extend your Kutaisi trip by visiting the beautiful Okatse canyon.

Kakheti - the region of wine - visit the wine-making region of Georgia, cities to explore - Telavi, Kvareli, Sighnaghi extend your visit to UNESCO World Heritage listing site - David Gareji.

Kazbegi - you could go to Kazbegi and visit the scenic Gergeti church at a top of it every season, including April.

Mtksheta and Jvari - a must-have destination, easily reachable and closely located to Tbilisi