Top Things to Do in Tbilisi in May

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There is a common opinion that spring does not exist in Georgia as far as cold March swiftly flows into desperately hot but rainy April.

After having celebrated Easter Georgia is getting ready for the most pleasant and long-expected May – the month that plays a role of a small introduction to the long-awaited summer. May welcomes not only tourists but the locals as well into its partially tranquil and in some places lively world where merging with nature, organization of excursions, and long nights of walking in the drizzling rains enchants all those longings for romance and natural beauty.

Tbilisi opens its doors to every single person and furnishes its narrow and winding streets with greenery. Flowers bloom almost everywhere in parks and by the road creating an unforgettable ambiance. The country seems to be like a small kingdom that never leaves its place under the sun and it is difficult to believe that cold weather had just left a couple of weeks ago. In order to have fun at its fullest, there are several places in Tbilisi that could be marked with ‘must visit’ sign. Before going out it is better to stock up with water and have an umbrella because the weather still might be unpredictable.

One of the most atmospheric places is the Tbilisi Botanical Garden that is situated in the oldest part of the city. The garden with countless rare species of trees and flowers will make you forget about stresses of the hectic life as if creating another dimension where one can feel reunion with the nature. The road that leads to the garden is also named Botanic Street and elevates you over the center of Tbilisi. It leads you past the mosque and gives you a view of the Old City with its sulfur baths. In order to embrace the warmth and uniqueness of the city’s spring time there is no way omitting the Botanic Garden – it is a perfect place to meditate and ponder about life. The entrance fee is 1 GEL for adults.

Another place that must be visited is Mtatsminda Park with its alternative name Bombora Park. This place is situated in the mountains that surround Tbilisi and that is why air is always fresher and clearer there. This place attracts people by its famous donuts and legendary Laghidze waters. The café with an outstanding menu has a broad sight at the city and is especially charming at night. Bombora Park is also popular with people who like riding carousels and merry-go-rounds. The Devil’s Eye is erected high above the city and gives a spectacular view of Tbilisi right from the cabin. The entrance to the park is free. It is not difficult to get there as you can use the funicular or take buses №124 or №90.

On your way back from Bombora Park it is of very high importance to take the foot road that goes through the mountain though the path itself and the set of steps go down and are in good condition. This road will lead you to the St. David’s Church that is known as a pantheon where many Georgian (and not only Georgian) saints and activists were buried. This sacramental place is highly cherished by the locals and they say that such miraculous cathedrals must be elevated from the city and built on the mountain. You can drink water from the mountain spring there and according to old legends it is a stream of desires. Those who wish of something with pure intentions will reach their goals after having drunk a cup of that water. This place is especially beautiful in spring as you contemplate the beauty of the city from a small veranda and listen to the trills of birds hidden in the tree crowns.

After being detached from the city center for a long time the perfect place to get closer to the Georgian culture and feel its Soviet past is the Dry Bridge situated in the place between Rustaveli and Aghmashenebeli avenues. May is a perfect opportunity to see the vendors’ goods spread out right on the ground and get lost in the old, antique dishes, clocks, World War II badges, vinyl records, well-known ‘Zenit” camera lenses and many-many other sellers’ belongings. Yes, don’t be surprised that the goods are just brought out of the houses and are sold directly by the owners. Under the bridge and in the nearby park you can find a real art gallery that contains works of the local artists. Pictures mesmerize you with color, different styles, and mastery. You will get a perfect opportunity to see all the works in its full body especially in May when the weather is sweet and warm.

As it is getting warmer day by day it is wiser to stay closer to the river where the air is moister and pleasant wind plays in your hair. The Peace Bridge and the Rike Park are really nice places to spend time in the evenings. You can make really good photos on the bridge with the old city at its background. In the Rike Park you can find singing fountains that give their concerts every evening. The show is colorful with very well chosen compositions of both classics and contemporary composers.

Cable car situated in the Rike Park will take you once more to a hill that borders with the Botanic Garden. Narikala Fortress is another Georgian landmark showing the grace and beauty of Georgian multi-century historical heritage. You can climb up the fortress and this process will make you wonder how it was possible for Georgian warriors to run up the stairs in the hauberks and iron armors. It is better to visit the place in the evening as the sun is more benevolent. Moreover, the place looks more mysterious in the night illumination.

Georgia can be hospitable throughout the year but visiting it in May will bring you a lot of joy as it is the time of miracles, spontaneously held events, and meeting new interesting people.


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