aerated concrete blocks

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Outer Walls from AAC Blocks + Installing Bearing Beams

March 01, 2017
As Summer of 2017 is approaching really fast, and I still have so many not post processed images from home remodeling works performed during Summer 206 in Adobe Lightroom library, I decide to extend articles and feature more info in fewer articles. In today's article I'm sharing a two day construction...

First Rows of Aerated Concrete Block For Pump Room

February 25, 2017
Let's keep building walls from aerated concrete blocks - the material I really love - it's easy to install, it's durable and it should be cost effective in combination with proper insulation. Today I was left alone, no handy hands, completely on my own - at start I was worried, but result turned out really good...

Construction Materials Arrives (aerated concrete blocks and other goodies)

December 29, 2016
That day finally came - construction materials arrived.  We paused our construction works for about a month, because of a simple reason - lack of funds, or more precisely slow bank transfers, we did spent a lovely July harvesting mushrooms and even spent three days traveling around neighboring Lithuania to...