Construction Materials Arrives (aerated concrete blocks and other goodies)

Updated: 29 December, 2016 seen 54

That day finally came - construction materials arrived. 

We paused our construction works for about a month, because of a simple reason - lack of funds, or more precisely slow bank transfers, we did spent a lovely July harvesting mushrooms and even spent three days traveling around neighboring Lithuania to celebrate my birthday.

One thing made me worried - it was already second half of August and we still hadn't started works on rebuilding walls for our old log house. Haven't I mentioned - we are replacing log walls with aerated concrete blocks) I ordered these blocks at the first day I got money transferred to my bank account and today was the day when construction materials arrived. It turned out, it was a bit problematic for a driver to enter our yard, thus I assured him, that about a year ago a truck twice as big as his truck successfully delivered for us a metal roof. See: Roof Works, Part 4 - Metal Roofing Arrives

Construction materials arrives

Construction materials arrives

I especially ordered a car with a manipulator. Huge was my surprise when driver invited me to climb in the trailer and climb on top of aerated concrete blocks to fix lifting belts. It was fun, that's the least I can tell.

Construction materials unloaded

Construction materials unloaded

It took us about an hour to unload pictured above. On the top left you can see how our neighbor started a huge fire. View was both funny and epic - me lifting belts, neighbor burning fire. I wonder who was surprised more.


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