Blog Online Income Report - December 2014

<p>Welcome to my twelve blog income report - covering month of December 2014.&nbsp;</p><p>I'm making an <a href="">income report</a> each month covering earnings I have made solely in internet and in general with my blog.</p><p>Those reports keeps me track were I'm, were I was and were I'm heading to. I hope they can inspire some as well.</p><h2>About online income in December 2014</h2><ul><li>In total my blog and I <strong>earned $2,029.67</strong>, that's increase by 188.04% if compared to previous month.</li><li>$2,029.67 makes <strong>average $65.47 in a day</strong>.</li></ul><p>Money I earned in December equals to a <a href="">minimum wage in Belgium</a> ($2,026.00) or <a href="">average wage in Spain</a> ($2,018.00). I believe it would be hard to survive in Belgium with minimum wage but I know for sure, that it would be pretty easy to <a href="">live and travel in Spain</a>.</p><p>If compared to country were I'm currently <a href="">living - Georgia</a>. Money earned in December would equal to <a href="">4.5 average salaries in Georgia</a>. Technically speaking - I could take a long rest now (till mid April)</p><p>Seriously speaking - December was a Christmas time, and as I believe my earnings were so high thanks to:</p><ul><li>Black Friday (End of November)</li><li>Cyber Monday</li><li>Gifts buying season</li></ul><p>Let me explain:</p><p>Most of the money I made online I made using Amazon Affiliates. Those of you not familiar what Amazon is - it is a damned good place were to buy online many kind of goods, starting books and ending jewellery. Amazon has it's own affiliate program were associates (affiliates) <a href="">can join and promote Amazon products</a>,and receive commission for each shipped item.&nbsp;</p><p>The rest of money I made online last month came from Google Adsense and Amazon CPM ADS - combined both of them accounts for about 0.5% from huge pie of $2,029.67.</p><p>I have been already many times told - <strong>Google Adsense makes pennies, but taking into account that every piece counts - really valuable pennies.</strong></p><p>Amazon CPM ADS is something similar to Google Adsense, but instead of paying for clicks, they are paying for impressions. The more impressions you can serve, more you can earn.</p><p>You can read more about my first impressions of <a href="">Amazon CPM ads in my Review</a>.</p><p>Following words I said last month (In November report) when forecasted results for this month (December):</p><blockquote><p><span>Taking into account that holiday season has just started, and I can see data for first 2 days of December (Which already are pretty impressive) I will forecast about $600 in month of December, though I believe it can crack $1000 this month.</span></p></blockquote><p>Isn't it awesome - I not only cracked $1,000 milestone - I even cracked $2,000 milestone. This leads me to think of another blog post (reaching <a href="">one year anniversary of blog back in October 2014</a> and settings goals for second year of bloging):</p><blockquote><p><span>I have 2 simple goals - first to reach $500 per month, second to reach $1000 per month.</span></p></blockquote><p>Now, December was second month in a row, when my blog earned more than $500 per month, so I guess it's time to adjust new goals and milestones for 2015.</p><p>Speaking of them:</p><h2>Goals/Forecast for January 2015</h2><p>Though it has been two great months in a row of passive online income - I'm looking on month of January pretty concerned - I mean holiday season is over - there should come a drop. I will stick with high forecast for myself, but modest for more pro affiliate marketers - January should reach $500.00 (it's 4 times less than I did in December)</p><p>I'm not willing to get in self-fooling traps - by forecasting -<em> OK, now I will crack $5,000 milestone in January</em> - simply because: I'm not attracting so much traffic yet and I still see a &nbsp;potential drop of new purchases - simply of - holiday season is over.</p>