Borjomula river

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Hiking in Borjomi (Georgia)

October 21, 2015
A group of four Georgia Expat Photographer club members visited Borjomi on September 20, and we did a lovely hike here. I took my camera, Map My Ride app (great for recording trekking routes) and here is the result. During this route which took us some 3 hours we visited 2 lovely monastery sites...

Borjomi Mineral Water Park in Georgia

October 18, 2015
Borjomi mineral park which is located in town on Borjomi, some 120 km from nations capital Tbilisi, is a lovely place to enjoy a lazy day, preferable for slow walking and enjoying beautiful aroma coming from pine cons. This park (and Borjomi town) has been on my most favorite destination list in Georgia for...

Open Air Sulphur Water Swimming Pools in Borjomi

October 13, 2015
Georgia will never end surprise you (at least me), so did happened during our recent hiking/trekking tour in lovely parts of Borjomi - Kharaguli National park. After a visit of Saint George Church in Daba we headed back to Borjomi Mineral Water park (You can find a Borjomi Cable car here) and we decided...