Open Air Sulphur Water Swimming Pools in Borjomi

Updated: 31 January, 2022 seen 4,907

Georgia will never end surprise you (at least me), so did happened during our recent hiking/trekking tour in lovely parts of Borjomi - Kharaguli National park. After a visit of Saint George Church in Daba we headed back to Borjomi Mineral Water park (You can find a Borjomi Cable car here) and we decided to take some shortcut. Huge was my surprise when I noticed following scenery:

Open air swimming pools in Borjomi

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it looked like some oasis in the middle of dessert - completely new (Ok, as I learnt latter it's actually renovated old) clean and super exciting place located just on Borjomi hiking trails.

Borjomula river

It's just amazing what a humans hand can actually do (build)

Open air swimming pools in Borjomi

Tsar's Sulphur Baths

According to written on this banner  -

The source of water possessed such magical and useful features, that the Romanovs in the 19th century ordered to arrange a pool in dense forest. The track leading to she spot was paved. The Borjomula river was spanned by bridges, each of them was of different construction and adorned with various handrails. People gave them names: Kasoi (Oblique), Gorbati (Humpback), Malenkii (Little one), Andreevski (Of Andrew), Sadgerski (Of Sadgeri)m Mikhailovksi (Of Mikhail) and so on.

Walking through the rich alley and taking bath with warm, soft, pleasant and healthy water was the delight and privilege og high society.

During the Soviet era, the consumption of thermal sulphur springs for medical purposes greatly increased, they were well-used in the form of bath - for the treatment of locomotor or/and nervous systems and some other aliments.

Reconstructed bridge over Borjomula river

Just for the history it seems locals have kept how it use to was crossing Borjomula river

The Bottom Line

What are you still waiting for? Georgia is awesome land which offers rich history, beautiful scenery and an open air swimming pools in Borjomi. You will definitely fall in love with Georgia!