Georgian Orthodox Church

Nikortsminda Cathedral


Nikortsminda Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox Church, located in Nikortsminda, Racha region of Georgia. I first discovered this beautiful cathedral in mid-October 2022, during our first trip to the region of Racha. It is said, that Nikortsminda was built in 1010–1014 during the reign of Bagrat III of Georgia and was repaired in 1534 by the King Bagrat III of Imereti. Three-storied bell tower next to the cathedral was built in the second half of the 19th century. Frescoes inside the cathedral…

Gudaleti Monastery Complex


Gudaleti monastery complex is located in the village of Gudaleti on an elevated spot, on the edge of a high gorge on the river Gudaleura. The church is located about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from Tbilisi. The complex includes the Church of the Assumption and a tower fortress. We discovered this church by chance while driving through the village of Gudaleti to visit a friend who has bought a house in the same village. Seems the church is under renovation and is being completely rebuilt (2022…



The ancient church called ‘’Gorijvari’’ stands between the Trialeti Mountains and the river bank of Mtkvari close to the Gori town in Georgia. The church was named after Saint Georges, which was originally built in the 12th century.  It was burned down by the Turks, rebuilt, and destroyed again by an earthquake in 1920. The current church was built in the 1980s. It was at the end of January 2022, we were traveling around Gori town and were looking for some interesting sightseeing objects  -…

Shavnabada Monastery


Shavnabada Monastery is a medieval Georgian Orthodox monastic complex that is located upon Shavnabada Mountain, approximately 30 km away from Tbilisi, Georgia. I have noticed this monastery atop of the hill in the past, mostly when driving to the Birtvisi canyon, but this time we were visiting Tbilisi Hills golf club from which the monastery complex was nicely seen, and it was agreed to actually visit it.  So we did and even had a nice picnic here (atop the roof of a dwelling house) You can…

Zedazeni monastery


Zedazeni Monastery is a Georgian Orthodox monastery, located on the Zedazeni mountain the hills of Saguramo, northeast to Mtskheta, and to the east side of the Aragvi River. There is a pretty steep but good-quality road heading to the monastery complex from the Saguramo village. This could actually be the very awesome route for hiking - Saguramo - Zedazeni monastery. Zedazeni monastery We first visited Zedazeni monastery in early April 2021, despite we have been quite a few times at the…

Martkopi Monastery Complex from a Drone flight


Martkopi monastery complex is located some 30km from Tbilisi, Georgia. This place is best reached by car, but some could get here by hiking too, see: Hiking Route in Georgia - Norio Village - Martkopi Monastery Filmed with DJI Mavic Mini on September 23, 2020, Post-production in Adobe Premiere PRO Martkopi monastery complex, located just some 30km from Tbilisi I was told - they are sheltering some 100 people here. That's the true spirit of Church! First discovered back in 2017, returned here…

Sapara Monastery


Sapara Monastery is a Georgian Orthodox monastery located in the Akhaltsikhe District of Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Georgia. I had a chance to visit this monastery at the end of September 2020 and capture really awesome drone photography / catching colors of the fall Sapara monastery from a drone flight It has existed from at least the 9th century, and has numbered among its monks many important figures in Georgian ecclesiastical history. At the end of the 13th century Sapara became a…

Church of Saint George near Borjomi from a Drone flight


The Sadgeri St. George Church is the XV century monument. It is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in the village of Sadgeri in Borjomi municipality, on the high bank of the river. I have been heading ever since I remember myself in Georgia, the place is really cool, tranquil and cool. But when taken from a drone flight, the place gets completely another view. See it yourself Church of Saint George from a drone flight Look at that massive rock church is standing The church is a…

Lower Bethlehemi Church


The Lower Bethlemi Church, also known as the Church of Saint Stepanos of the Holy Virgins is a church in Tbilisi, Georgia. Built as an Armenian church, it now operates as a Georgian orthodox church. Discovered by accident while hiking from other, Holy Mother of God Church of Bethlehem, Tbilisi at the end of August 2020.  Made some drone photography here Lower Bethlehemi Church

Holy Mother of God Church of Bethlehem, Tbilisi


Holy Mother of God Church of Bethlehem also now known as the Upper Bethlehem Church, is a church in Tbilisi, Georgia. Built as an Armenian church in the 18th century, on the site of an older church, it now operates as a Georgian orthodox church. Discovered by accident while hiking from Mother Georgia monument in mid-August 2020. Returned here a week later to take some aerial photography with a drone. Holy Mother of God Church of Bethlehem, Tbilisi There are at least 3 roads how to get here…