Ilia Lake

January 25, 2020
Ilia Lake is located near the town of Kvareli in the region of Kakheti, Georgia. First discovered back in 2014, while staying at Royal Batoni hotel next to the lake. Since then I've headed here several times. It was at the start of 2020 when I learned that this lake actually is manmade.  Ilias...

Postcards from Kvareli

December 22, 2018
Kvareli is a town in northeastern in Kakheti Province, Georgia. Located in the Alazani Valley, near the foothills of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, it was the birthplace of Georgian author Ilia Chavchavadze The area is in the center of the Kakheti wine-producing...

Kvareli Public Service Hall

December 19, 2018
Kvareli Public service hall is located in the center of Kvareli town near Chavchavadze Street. Public Service Hall is an agency of the Georgian government which provides a variety of public services, these include the services of the Civil Registry Agency, the National Agency of Public Registry, the...

Hotel Kvareli Eden Review

December 12, 2018
Kvareli Eden Hotel is located in a remote place some 1 or 2 km from the Kvarteli town center, Georgia. Kvareli Eden features an indoor swimming pool and a wine therapy spa center. Free Wi-Fi and free private parking are provided. We booked a stay at Kvareli Eden in the mid of November 2018...

Top 5 Luxury & Spa Hotels in Kvareli, Georgia

November 09, 2018
Here are the top 3 reasons to visit and stay in Kvareli - health spas, culturally diverse food & beautiful forests. Kvareli is one of the most popular SPA hotel destinations in Georgia, or at least in the region of Kakheti. I've stayed in several hotels in or near the town of Kakheti...

Kvareli Lake Resort

September 17, 2017
Kvareli lake resort is located in the heart of Kakheti, one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia and to the east of the small city Kvareli, beneath the southern slope of Great Caucasus mountains. The unique and beautiful Kvareli Lake Resort spreads over 300 hectares of beautiful natural landscape. There is...

Kindzmarauli Corporation Wine House in Kvareli, Georgia

October 26, 2016
Right here comes another interesting Georgian Wine House, with a super cool name - JSP Kindzmarauli Corporation Wine House, located in the Kakheti, town of Kvareli. I must admit -  I had never heard of tis winery before, on the other hand I don't call myself a wine expert. Thus I can at least...

Day Trip to Kakheti in Georgia

March 26, 2016
Day trips to the region of Kakheti in Georgia are quite possible and I would actually recommend taking one if you have a chance. I have explored the region of Kakheti in different ways (mostly by marshrutka and car). I prefer a personal car with a driver. If you feel you are indie or rough traveler you might...

Wine Tunnel Near Kvareli in Georgia (Winery Khareba)

January 04, 2016
Wine Tunnel owned by a winery Khareba is located close to the town of Kvareli, in region of Kakheti, republic of Georgia. It features not only exotic manmade tunnel built in the rocks, but it also has a large territory offering interesting attractions related to Georgian heritage. Guests can book a wine tasting...

Hotel Royal Batoni, Kvareli, Kakheti, Georgia

May 03, 2014
One of the most interesting hotels I have stayed last time. Located in the footsteps of surrounding mountains next to Ilias lake, which offers some recreation opportunities, in heart of Georgia, Kakheti, Kvareli.We stayed here at Easter weekend, 2014 and we definitely got what we paid for. About Royal...

Gremi monastery complex in Georgia

April 20, 2014
Another very interesting tourist attraction in Kakheti close to Kvareli - Meet the Gremi Monastery complex. Features rich history and very spectacular views.  For the first time I visited Gremi monastery complex back in 2014, when we booked a private tour from Hotel Royal Batoni. Next time I was here was...

Nekresi Monastery Complex in Georgia

April 19, 2014
Nekresi once was a town in Kakheti, Georgia. Nowadays Nekresi is a monastery complex located high up in the hill offering breathtaking views to surrounding plateau, not to mention that monastery complex is really interesting by it self. Located close to Kvareli town. The church was recently restored,...

Easter holidays with Putin and Valeriya

April 18, 2014
We made a holiday booking at Royal Batoni, Kvareli.For me it is a great pleasure to just lay down and lazy watch satellite television shows with Vladimir Putin and pop singer Valeriya.Great holidays.I will add some photos from the Royal Batoni when will be back in the Tbilisi.