Kindzmarauli Corporation Wine House in Kvareli, Georgia

Right here comes another interesting Georgian Wine House, with a super cool name - JSP Kindzmarauli Corporation Wine House, located in the Kakheti, town of Kvareli.

I must admit -  I had never heard of tis winery before, on the other hand I don't call myself a wine expert. Thus I can at least tell which is mine favorite Georgian wine - Khvanchkara. 

We arrived here from another winery, located just a few kilometers from Kindzmarauli corporation, see Wine Tunnel Near Kvareli in Georgia (Winery Khareba). My good old Georgian driver tried to convinice me, they are selling a tap Kvahckara wine here for 2 GEL per litter. It sounded fishy for me, but I agreed driver to take my friends and me to this winery. 

Variety of bottled Georgian wines

There is a small wine shop at the entrance of Kindzamarali wine house, where you can buy wine produced at this factory directly form producer. I asked, so - I was told you are selling tap Kvachkara as well, and got a nice reply - no Kvachkara is too exclusive wine to be sold on plastic bottles. It was fine with me and I replied - Thank's God! Kvahcnkara is too precious, lets keep this so way!

For a small price (about 8 lari, per person) a wine tasting tour can be arranged (offering 5 varieties of wine to be tasted). We were group of 3, and nobody actually wanted to taste wine today, but I had to insist and we delegated one person to actually give it a try. The rest of us (two) were offered to join the excursion after wine tasting.

Wine tasting room at Kindzmarauli Wine House

No Kvachkaras were given to try, just Kindzmarauli (from top end) and some other varieties of bottled wine.

The wine tasting took some 15-20 minutes (5 varieties of wine) and then the excursion started. We were taken to the wine factory and different marani's

Marani - Georgian Wine Cellar

Farmers make and keep wine in a special basement, called Marani, i.e. wine cellar. It is situated partially under the ground, which guarantees optimal temperature for keeping wine as long as needed.

Rivers of wine at Kindzmarauli Wine house

I actually tried - it's just water painted in red. But, pretty great effect, rigth?

Bottling process at winery

For me it was a surprise seeing peoples, not robots performing bottling process. OK, robots are probably filling in wine in the bottles. But for me it seemed - wow five persons at one conveyer.

Barrels for storing wine

The Bottom Line

It was fun experience, learning new things about Georgian Wine traditions. For the symbolic price of 8 GEL itš possible to try 5 varieties of bottled wine, produced at this winery, and have an excursion at wine factory. Amazing. If you are in this area of Georgia - give it a try.

Tasting tours are available both in English and Russian.