Vake park

Strada Mosashvili near Vake Park


Strada is a chain of restaurants in Tbilisi, serving contemporary American and Asian cuisine, created by an international team of chefs.  We love coming here for a glass of wine, meatballs, seabass, or tom yum soup.  Located on Mosashvili street 11 in lively Vake neighbourhood close to the Vake park, Strada seems is a popular choice among lcoals and expats. There is one more Strada I know about located on Marjanishvili area.  There are many good restaurants and cafeteris located on this…

Vake Park in Tbilisi


Nestled in the Vake district of Tbilisi, Georgia, lies a historic recreational area known as Vake Park. Since its opening to the public in 1946, the park has undergone numerous transformations, becoming a popular destination for both ex-pats and locals. Visitors can enjoy various free and paid kids playgrounds, carousels, ice cream shops, upper-end restaurants, and cafes located near the park.  Vake Park is home to significant landmarks, such as a monument of Victory built during Soviet times…

Hiking in Tbilisi - Turtle lake (Kus Tba) - Vake Park


On a lovely and sunny Saturday morning, we decided to take hiking from Turtle's Lake down to Vake Park. First thing first. How to get to Turtle Lake? Catch a Taxi, or call a taxi company. Personally, I prefer the taxi company with number 2 155 155. Drive to Turtle lake should cost you around 5 GEL. If you prefer to catch a taxi on street - the price may go up to 10 Lari, but I wouldn't pay more than 8 Lari. Update: Use taxi ride companies like Bolt Actually, Turtle Lake or Kus Tba is one…